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welcome to FRED 2005 by
                Paul Ditch

News: Friday, 3 March, 2006

And there's more...

Over 80 artists showed their site-specific work in 72 locations across the length and bredth of Cumbria between the 1st and the 16th October. Early estimates put the viewer figures at over 1 million visits over that period!

Although most of the work is now down and packed away, you may still see some of the projects for a while yet - look out for the parrot beside the A685 just south of Brough. The Dragon signs may still be about, keep your eyes peeled



More to come...

from 25th October, Chinese artist Sun Guo Juan will be visiting the area and creating site-specific work with other women artists in her Powder Project. Keep watching this space for details...


Keep up to date:

FRED will return in full in October next year (2006). To receive priority information on next year's event, either as an artist or a visitor, please contact us to be added to the emailing list.

Oh, and don't forget to post your views on the visitors' book.


Too Attractive..

Apologies too anyone who turned out to see 'Permanent Wave' on Friday the 7th. The artists decided to cancel the projection beside the M6 after advice from Cumbria's finest. It was all quite amicable, and the officers even said it looked really quite good on the Thursday. So if you did catch it on Thursday, let us know what you think.

                  you find the ART? by Graham Rawle

Free guide!

Q: What's got 8 pages, an original artwork by Graham Rawle and can be downloaded for free?

A: the FRED guide 2005

A nice little PDF file (requires Acrobat 4.0 or above) with all you need to know about FRED 2005. Saves paper too..

get it here!

FRED the Book

Read All About It!

FRED the book coming soon...

A documentary of how 64 artists took over the largest county in England, and got away with it.

88 pages, full colour, with essays by Mark Haywood, Russell Mills, Nina Morris & Sarah Cant.

ISBN: 0-9549960-0-3

Released Feb 2006


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