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Drop at Fellfoot Park


Date: 2014

Client: Windermere Reflections

Location: Fellfoot Park, Newby Bridge, Cumbria. UK

Dimensions: 20m x 15m x 12m

Materials: foil laminated textile

Further Info: Reflective Moments Leaflet

Drop at Fellfoot Park

‘Drop’ is a giant reflective raindrop, the size of a three-storey building, which reflects and distorts the surrounding landscape. Originally built in 2008 to celebrate Thomas West’s ‘Guide to the Lakes’ - the first tourist guide in the UK and a radical rethinking of our relationship with the landscape. The first tourist visitors to the lakes would have stopped off at locations he called ‘viewing stations’ and viewed the landscape and lakes reflected in small hand-held convex mirrors. ‘Drop’ is drawn from that idea of looking at the reflected landscape, in the form of a raindrop - the building blocks of the lakes. ‘Drop’ is best viewed from a distance where it becomes part of its surroundings, so take time to look at it, and the landscape from lots of different places.

For more on 'Drop' - see the original installation details: Drop 2008