Steve Messam

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Date: 2014

Client: Working pArts

Location: Haworth, West Yorkshire. UK

Dimensions: 120m x 60m

Materials: grass

Contractor: LawnOrder

Further Info: Fields of Vision

Fields of Vision on BBC Radio 4


A largescale drawing in the Worth Valley landscape along the route of the Tour de France.

Etched into the grass, this artwork captures the sound waves from the call of four single ravens in the field. In the choice of the raven, there is a nod to the Brontë sisters’ brother Branwell, whose name translates literally as ‘place where the ravens live’. Radiating across the field, the imprint contrasts dramatically in scale to the traditional details of the land. The images change the way the fields resonate within the wider landscape – where a solitary raven is a recognisable presence. The piece is cyclical and is redrawn throughout the programme – reflecting the temporary interruption of the artwork within a working farm.

Part of the 'Fields of Vision' programme in the Yorkshire Festival 2014