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Flow (Monaco)


Date: October 2011

Client: James Cropper Speciality Papers

Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Dimensions: 3m x 3m x 3m

Materials: di-cut paper, nylon netting, computer controlled LED lighting

Fabrication: Exhibition Stand - Love Display, Blackpool

Further info: James Cropper Speciality Papers site

Flow publication (pdf) Flow Publication


A temporary installation created from over 3,000 di-cut paper shapes for James Cropper Speciality Papers' stand at Luxepack, Monaco.

The installation was to echo the basic elements of paper manufacture - wood and water - and their relationship to the landscape of the English Lake District where the company is based.

The form is inspired by the flow of water within a tree-like structure. The construction of the piece is a follow-on from the 'TreeCreeper' installations created earlier. Computer-controlled lighting recreated the movement of light in woodland as observed in the first 'TreeCreeper' piece.

Working closely with the client and the stand designers, the final installation became a central element in the overall presentation at the luxury packaging exhibition in Monaco. A small publication based on the installations was produced by the client.