Steve Messam

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Date: 2012

Client: James Cropper Speciality Papers

Location: Cumbria. UK

Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm x 820mm

Materials: paper

Fabrication: Fred Aldous

Further info:

Hive -

'Hive' is the final piece in the Natural Packaging series commissioned by James Cropper Speciality Paper. 

Made from over 1,500 individually laser-cut shapes which togethre create a form inspired by natural bee-hives. The piece is made from two main forms. The inner form has a density of black and texture made from the thousands of stacked pieces to show off the depth of black - the deepest black paper in the world. The outer shape is of single sheet shapes which  when viewed from the side seem to disappear like shapes in the mist. From an angle however, a variety of tones emerge.

The final piece was photographed in black and white to accentuate the tonal qualities of the materials.