Steve Messam

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Date: July 2010

Location: Blackwell, Windermere, Cumbria. UK

Dimensions: 14m x 32m and 16m x 62m

Materials: lawn

Further information: Blsckwell website


‘LawnPaper’ is an environmental etching for the lawns around Blackwell - the Arts and Crafts House. Patterns based on wallpaper designs by William Morris were created in the grass through a process of selective shading and trimming. ‘LawnPaper’ worked with the natural growth colours of grass to create an environmentally sound artwork which was allowed to grow out naturally. It remains loyal to the ideology of the Arts and Crafts Movement, highlighting the role William Morris played in the birth of the environmental movement. As a landscape installation, the piece temporarily transformed the exterior of the building and encouraged visitors to see the architecture of Blackwell in a new and inspiring light.