Steve Messam

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Lotus Souvenir


Date: 2015

Client: Value Retail (Bicester Village)

Location: Bicester Village, Oxfordshire. UK.

Dimensions: 4m x 4m x 4m approx.

Materials: synthetic paper on steel armatures

Printing & Paper Consultants:  Alan Carr Print & Design

PaperBridge#2, Suzhou, China

Two large red forms commissioned by Value Retail (Bicester Village), each made from large paper lotus flowers.

The piece was made to celebrate Chinese New Year and features traditional Chinese paper lotus flowers. The design and construction of the forms is based on series of eights - eight being the luckiest number in China. Including two additional lotus flowers elsewhere in the retail village, 888 sheets of paper in total were used.

The pieces reuse the steel armatures built for 'Red Souvenir' and form part of the 'Souvenir' series.