Steve Messam

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Twisted Puzzle


Date: September 2011

Client: Wirksworth Festival

Location: Wirksworth, Derbyshire, UK

Dimensions: 2m x 1.4m x 2m

Materials: thread between wood frames


A site-specific installation in the narrow lanes of Puzzle Gardens, Wirksworth.

Twisted is an architectural installation wedged in between the walls of Puzzle Gardens - a labyrinth of paths connecting workers cottages in the Derbyshire town of Wirksworth.

The Derwent Valley has a long history of textile production - Arkwright built the first powered spinning factory in nearby Cromford - the cottages of puzle gardens once home to independent spinners, spinning the wool from the local sheep.

Twisted Puzzle takes inspiration from the mechanics of spinning in its twisted form, and adds a further dimension twisting each of the two frames at either end about every axis. The resultant space is formed without any parallel faces. The threads woven at 3mm intervals creates a 4 sided space which up close is barely there, but which appears stronger as the angles become more acute.