Steve Messam

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A Study in Red


Date: 2012

Client: YellowBox, Sättra

Location: the Middle Forest, Öland, Sweden

Dimensions: 1.8m x 1.2m x 2.2m

Materials: 100 latex balloons

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Created as part of a project looking at the characteristics, heritage, geology, ecology and communities of the 'mitgenssluger' (middle forest) on the Baltic island of  Öland. The entire ancient forest has been diivided into long rectangular lots, much like medieval field systems. In each plot the landowner was free to use the land as they wanted. In this particular plot, the forest has been largely left to grow wild, while plots on either side have been planted as fast growing softwood plantations.

Within this wild plot I was struck by the relative greenness of the woodland floor and the new flush of canopy set against the blue of the early summer sky. This study was a sketch to use a vibrant red colour to contrast and accentuate the greens. The shape was organic and free-form and suspended by a single line from a high branch. The small gusts of wind through the wood causing it to sway gently and chaotically.