Steve Messam

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Red Souvenir


Date: 2013

Client: Value Retail (Bicester Village) Ltd.

Location: Bicester Village, Oxfordshire. UK

Dimensions: 3.5m x 3.5m x 3.5m ea.

Materials: Umbrellas, steel

Fabrication: Small Fab

Further info:


Two large red forms, each made from 32 Edwardian-style umbrellas, marked the entrances to the retail village during February 2013.

Commissioned by Value Retail, the installations were part of a theme of 'Red' within the Village which also raised funds for the 'Red Foundation'. As the pieces were very close to large numbers of people, the structures were completely re-engineered from previous versions. Each piece was internally lit by seven LED spotlights to enable them to glow at night.