Steve Messam

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Date: 2006 & 2007

Client: Island6 / the German Centre, Pudong

Location: Mogashan Road & Pudong, Shanghai. China

Dimensions: variable (5m x 5m each)

Materials: umbrellas

Further info: island6 website


Souvenir is an alignment of large forms each made from 32 red umbrellas across one of the last undeveloped spaces in the heart of Shanghai.

Eight forms were placed in a sweeping line, in a sequence of reveals which ultimately led to an alignment with the red ball atop the Pearl Orient TV tower. Initially a self-financed piece with Island6 Arts Centre, it was subsequently adopted by the British Council as a signature piece for the Shanghai Biennial in 2006 and featured as the cover image on the off-site catalogue.

A modified piece was built in 2007 over a larger area to mark the German President’s visit as President of the EU commissioned by the German Business Centre in Pudong.