Steve Messam

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Date: 2016

Client: Durham County Council

Location: Teesdale, Co. Durham. UK

Dimensions: various

Materials: paper, digital video projections on stone barns

Logistics: Hi-Lights

Further Info: Waterfall on Vimeo

Waterfall (detail: High Force)


Teesdale, County Durham. UK. October 2016

'Waterfall' is a visual art installation in which the characteristic whitewashed barns of the Raby Estate and the waterfalls of the River Tees combine to create a unique artwork. High definition slow-motion footage of the waterfalls of the River Tees projected onto all four sides of three barns up the side of the valley, creating a visual cascade down the hillside.

 'Waterfall', like most of my works, is a many layered piece, but at the core is a piece about time - the millions of years in creating the unique geology of the Upper Tees valley and the fractions of a second captured of the movement of water, slowed down to a visible speed in the films.