Steve Messam

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Date: 2017

Client: The Bowes Centre for Art, Craft & Design

Location: The Bowes Museum, Co. Durham. UK

Dimensions: 5m x 5m x 3m

Materials: ripstop nylon, electric fan

Further Info:

TreeBubble. December 2017


The Bowes Museum, County Durham. UK.

December 2017

‘TreeBubble’ is a temporary intervention on an oak tree within the grounds of the prestigious Bowes Museum. The 5m diameter textile bubble envelops the vast trunk of the tree, the form held in place by the air pressure within the bubble. By night the bubble form glows with an intense purple light that seems to absorb the darkness around it.

‘TreeBubble’ forms part of the inaugural ‘Bowes Light’ trail’ of light installations within the grounds of the Bowes museum and the town of Barnard Castle. The piece can be seen at any time of day and night.

‘TreeBubble’ was commissioned by The Bowes Centre for Art, Craft and Design with support from the Friends of the Bowes Museum.